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Bing is a web search engine owned and operated by Microsoft. The service has its origins in Microsoft's previous search engines: MSN Search, Windows Live Search and later Live Search. Bing provides a variety of search services, including web, video, image and map search products. It is developed using ASP.NET.

Attila-Csaba Szabo mentioned in a review "Bing Ads was supposed to be a supplementary ad network, besides the obvious Google Ads and facebook ads. It turned out to be a total failure and an absolutely unacceptable experience. Ads have not been approved for WEEKS. There's no real possibility of fixing things. The support personnel keep apologizing, but offer no real support."


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Jesse says

"It sucks for french and it corrects everything in french to English, then, its glitchy and googles way better, their template sucks. Wish you the best Microsoft to make it better or else no ones gunna use bing. your blocker sucks and it takes 30m for something that\'s blocked to unblock EVEN WITH THE PAID MICROSOFT 365"

Former Contractor - Account Specialist (SEM, Bing Ads) says

"I worked at Microsoft for more than a year Cons: 1. Lack of Mature Communication Communication is a one-way street. You'll be talked down to daily because you're not a real Microsoft employee. But the worst was when emotions got out of control. Imagine accidentally catching someone doing something they weren't supposed to, followed by a tense and defensive discussion. Now try asking for PTO, informing management that a Macros report isn't working, or even just asking a clarifying question. It's awkward when uncontrolled emotions is the norm. 2. No real skills to gain: Mostly copying and pasting data into Excel Macros, sending system-generated reports, or making basic account changes. A high-schooler could do this job. Don't be fooled thinking the company name "Microsoft" will carry you forward in your career. Don't hold your breath for a promotion with high-school-level skills either."

Former Employee - Developer, Bing says

"I worked at Microsoft full-time for more than a year Cons: Micromanagement, poor tools, a fragmented company, lateral motion is hard."

Former Intern - Software Engineering(Bing Team) says

"I worked at Microsoft for less than a year Cons: - Team culture is not strong"

Software Development Engineer II - Bing says

"I worked at Microsoft for more than 5 years Cons: Lots of politics Some people advance not by their output but who they know and by sabotaging coworkers and taking credit for the work of others. Depending on your manager, you may be expected to work nights and weekends frequently and also be on call. When you are on call (up all night answering calls and resolving issues) you are still expected to do your regular work."

Barista (Former Employee) says

"You get to learn alot at least some of the fundamentals of F&B. Punctuality, discipline, & hygenic are practiced in the workingplace as a culture. Building passion for handling food & drinks, & especially coffee."

Shipping Supervisor / Hi-Lo Driver / truck driver (Former Employee) says

"The typical day at work was long, Management was ok, co workers was fine, the hardest part of the job was keeping every thing going out on time and that was the most enjoyable part as well. Cons: the company went out of business"

ceramik (Former Employee) says

"every morning whe would go at the shop to pick up are stuff Cons: long hour"

Bonnie says

"I have always loved loved loved loved BING. Why did you DESTROY IT????????????? I hate that you turned something beautiful & cool into something so UGLY & DISGUSTING. DELETING UNTIL YOU RETURN IT TO ITS FORMER GLORY - OR STICK IT UP YOUR A**."

Jen says

"Currency conversion and similar things don\'t work half the time. DuckDuckGo, whose search results are partially based on Bing, I believe, is much better in this regard."

Bob says

"Bing is literally made by google chrome. The chromium project (open source google) IS USED TO MAKE IT"

KEN SU says

"I search symbol of power in poetry and it comes up with a power on/off symbol what is this BS"

Russell says

"A search brings up lots of answers but not to your question. Most items brought up have nothing to do with your question. Its worthless."

Bing batta boom says

"Bing just sucks. Who uses bing anyhow? Just bing it? No, just google it. That\'s the expression. \'Nuff said."

Tyler Smith says

"bad service they do not help like google in the time of pandemic and they charge you early for service!"

Elizabeth says

"i hate it soooo much"

messi says

"fok you bing fuuuuck you bittches"

Jane says

"A joke for a search engine. Search results are vastly inferior to other search engines. It is invasive - replacing Google searches for Bing searches without my instruction and back to the old problem of inferior search results. I have tried everything to get rid of it but it persists."

Erekle Sesiashvili says

"Shut this search engine down or fix it, it is rubbish."

Robert Lada says

"Never been able to use it because of a never ending intrusion of /orgid/idtoken/silent."

Karl Kusseknepper says

"THIS IS SHEIßE!!!!!!!! WHAT THE FAT F\/CK!!!1111 They're farming all my data! I dont like!!!!!111 Some dudes down in chaina are like "oh shiet Ching Yuu. Look dis. Madafarker here has search for kid sex. Vat a fargot". I DONT WANt THAT!!!!!!!1111"

Lucy says

"This website is a scam and a virus. Can't get it off my computer, avoid at all costs Could not be more frustrated right now"

Julian B says


Ton Chi Ngo says

"stop spam. i dont want change my browser"

Rio Luz says

"trash no SUPER trash"

Tar says

"Just when I thought I’d found a viable alternative to Google, Bing starts up with the same game: Insisting I agree to unspecified terms/cookies or else I can’t use the search engine. This is a new, further erosion of your privacy - they would not be asking for further permission if they were not taking more. The term for this is ‘salami tactics’. So Bing gets deleted, and there’s an end of this."

Sisi Doneva says

"The next time your engine takes over my Browser without permission I'm taking you to court. Your malware is infecting buisness machines and its highly illigal."

Ethan “Bombadil” says

"Trash. Whenever I mistakenly use bing it makes sure i hurt. Search pound key, will show a key weighing 1 pound. Its just ridiculous."

Ethan says

"This is absolute crap. It tries to go into my google search engine. I try to turn it off but there is no way. Bing is the worst. Just use anything else please."

jack says

"This stupid search engine does not even give what I search for specifically when I write the website. But when I use google gives it to me straight away, used to think bing was just as normal. But after my experience of it not giving what I want I’ve had enough this piece of crap needs to be taken down!!"

Ricardo Da boi says

"Always takes a long time to load or never responds. Very trash :["

Guff says


Just Bad says

"It Just Sucks. Why Not Use DuckDuckGo instead? Anyways, DuckDuckGo doesn\'t spam you with ads and you aren\'t being tracked by FaceBook and such things"

Ridiculous Reviews Profit-Organization Totally Not Being Paid Or Anything ;) says

"Bing never finds the correct search results and always pulls up images of ducks and when I try to switch to other search engines it downloads the Bing Virus and destroys my computer and I\'d rather just buy a Mac (and that\'s saying A LOT)"

Everyone says

"Burh it never gives me what i need, the image searching is dumb and wont give actual related images. plus the name tho"

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